Yoswin App Download | Register To Get Free ₹151 Bonus In APK

Yoswin is a new color prediction app. The Yoswin app has been gaining a lot of attention among people who want to earn money online. The Yoswin is a legit earning app where you can play four prediction games. The best thing about the Yoswin app is that for new users, the app gives a bonus of ₹151. 

Yoswin Recommendation Code42G933

How To Download & Register On Yoswin App

The Yoswin APK is not available on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, you can download the Yoswin APK from our website. But before that, you should register on Yoswin through their official website to get all the details about Yoswin and claim the register bonus of ₹151. 

To make it uncomplicated, you can continue by following mentioned steps. 

Step 1 – First, open a browser on your smartphone and look for the Yoswin website. 

Step 2 – Hit on the Register for a new account. 

Yoswin App Download

Step 3 – Afterward, enter your mobile number, a six-digit verification code, password, and recommendation code 42G933.

Yoswin App Register

Step 4 – Hit the register button and claim your Yoswin ₹151 register bonus.

Step 5 – Now, to download the Yoswin APK, go to the My page and hit the Download APK button. 

Step 6 – Download the Yoswin APK and install it on your smartphone. 

It will only take these steps for you to download and register on the Yoswin app. You will get the ₹151 bonus which you can use to play prediction games on the Yoswin app for free. 

What Is Yoswin App

Yoswin is a new earning app. On the Yoswin app, users can play four color prediction games to earn money online. To win Yoswin games, you only have to give the correct prediction.

Additionally, the Yoswin app gives a ₹151 bonus to its new users, which is unbelievable because no other color prediction app gives that much bonus to its new users. So if you want to earn money online, you can download the Yoswin app. 

How To Login On Yoswin App?

To login to the Yoswin app, you can continue by following mentioned steps.

  1. First, open the Yoswin login page in their app. 
  2. Afterwards, enter your Yoswin account mobile number and password. 
  3. Hit the login button to login to the Yoswin app. 

Yoswin Referral Code – 42G933

The Yoswin referral code is 42G933. You can enter this referral code when you register on the Yoswin app. Additionally, by entering the referral code, you can claim ₹151 register bonus on the Yoswin app. 

Gaming Options In Yoswin App

The Yoswin app’s games are a lot of fun and easy to play games. When the Yoswin app started, there were only three games available on the Yoswin app, but now the app has introduced one more new game, which makes a total of four prediction games.

Additionally, you get the ₹151 bonus which will give you a chance to earn money on the Yoswin app without staking your own money first. So if you have skills at playing Yoswin prediction games, you can use the register bonus very well. 

But if you don’t have any skills at playing these Yoswin prediction games, you can use the register bonus to master these games first. Afterward, you can stake your money in the app to win these Yoswin games. 

The four prediction games that you can play on the Yoswin app are Crash, Parity, Mine, and Wheel. Before playing these games, you should know the rules for them. 

1. Crash – Crash is a popular prediction-based game. The Rules for the Crash game are pretty much simple. At the start of the Crash game, you have to place your bet, and the gameplay will start when the Rocket takes off. 

Before the rocket crashes, you have to cash out, and you will earn money accordingly at the point where you cash out. But if the rocket crashed and you got late for cash out, you will lose the game and your bet amount. 

Yoswin Prediction

2. Parity – Everyone knows what the Parity game is all about. As of now, the Parity game is the more popular prediction-based game. The rules of the Parity games are also simple, where you have to predict which color is coming in the next round in order to win the game and earn money on the Yoswin app. 

Yoswin APK

3. Mine – Mine is also a well-known prediction-based game. In the Mine game, you have to predict which box mine is. On the boxes where there is no mine, you can open them and collect some money. But if you hit on the mine box, your game will be over, and you will lose your money in the Yoswin app. 

4. Wheel – The Wheel game is somewhat similar to the Parity game. The only difference is that in the Wheel game, you have to predict the color of the wheel. You will predict the color before the round starts, and the wheel will spin. If it stops at your predicted color, you will earn your money from the Yoswin app. 

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Yoswin Hack Mod APK Download

You can download the Hack Mod APK version of the Yoswin app. But to be honest, it will be of no effect, and you cannot earn unlimited money from the Yoswin Hack Mod APK

Additionally, you will increase your chances of getting your Yoswin account banned due to such activities. 

How To Withdraw Earnings From Yoswin App

The Yoswin app provides an easy interface to withdraw your money from the Yoswin app. Additionally, the app provides different withdrawal sections for game players and the Yoswin agents. 

That means if you have earned by playing Yoswin games, you can withdraw money from your game account, and if you have earned by inviting people to the Yoswin app, you can withdraw money from your agent account.

To withdraw your earnings, you can continue by following mentioned steps. 

  1. First, open the My page in the Yoswin app. 
  2. Hit on the Bank Card button. 
  3. Enter your real name, IFSC code, bank name, bank account, UPI id, and email. 
  4. Select the game account or agent account from where you want to withdraw your earnings. 
  5. Hit the withdrawal button. 
  6. Enter the withdrawal amount and select the bank account that you have entered to withdraw your Yoswin earnings. 

Yoswin App Customer Support

If your Yoswin recharge or withdrawal has stuck for more than 5 days, you have to contact the Yoswin app customer support. To contact, Yoswin has provided its users with an email address. The Yoswin customer support email is [email protected]

But you should keep in mind that the Yoswin customer support working hour is from 7:00 – 20:00. So only contact Yoswin customer support while their working hours because this will help you to solve your problem fastly. 

Yoswin Is Real Or Fake?

Do you have any suspicion regarding Yoswin is real or fake? If so, the Yoswin app is a real app where you can earn money online. Additionally, you can recharge on the Yoswin app or withdraw your earnings easily. 

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