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TC Lottery Game is a colour prediction game which is famous on some online gaming platforms. In this game, the player has to guess the colour of the selected symbol or number. The game usually consists of several rounds where the player places his bet on a particular colour, such as red or green.

TC Lottery
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After the betting period is over, the result is generated and the winning colour is revealed. The player who guesses the correct colour gets a return based on his bet amount and the rates are based on the winning colour. TC Lottery game is mainly based on luck and turn and should be played responsibly and with caution.

How To Download TC Lottery Apk:

1. First of all, open the App Store of your Android device.

 2. Type TC Lottery App in the search bar of the App Store.

 3. Search and relevant results will appear in front of you.

 4. Select the TC Lottery app and tap the Download button.

 5. The App Store will ask you to confirm that you want to download the app, and then give you permission. Complete the password, fingerprint, or other requirements to verify your device.

 6. Wait for the download process to complete. This may take some time.

 7. Once the app is downloaded, the app will be installed. Now you are ready to open the app and use it.

How To Register In TC Lottery App:

1. Download and install the app on your device.

 2. Open the app and tap on the Register button that appears on the screen.

TC Lottery App

 3. A registration form will appear in front of you. You have to fill in your full name, email id, mobile number, password and other required information.

 4. Fill in all the information correctly and verifiable.

 5. When you have filled in all the information, tap on the Register button.

 6. The App will verify the information provided by you and register you.

 7. After the registration is successful.

 8. Now you are registered and ready to play Color Prediction through the app.

After registration is complete now you will be login in the TC Lottery Apk:

How To Login In Tc Lottery App:

1. Open the TC Lottery Color Prediction app.

 2. Select the Login button on the main page of the app.

 3. On the account login page, you need to enter your registered phone number.

 4. Enter the password that you chose during registration.

 5. Enter the verification code, which would have been provided to you.

 6. Click on the Login button.

TC Lottery Login

Before playing any games in TC Lottery colour prediction game app you must have to recharge your account firstly:

How To Recharge Your Account:

1. Open the app and log in to your registered account.

 2. Go to the main menu of the app and find there an option like Recharge your account.

 3. View your recharge options by going to the recharge section.  

 4. Select your preferred payment option and follow the specified instructions.

 5. Enter the required information, such as bank details, card details or wallet information.

 6. Specify the recharge amount that you want to be credited to your account.

 7. Verify all the details and click on the Recharge button.

 8. Complete the payment process and confirm your recharge.

 9. Your recharge will be done successfully and your account will be recharged.

There are some tips and tricks to playing TC Lottery Colour Prediction Games.

1. Play Wisely: Be cautious while participating in the colour prediction game and understand that it is a gamble. So play judiciously and avoid spending a lot of money.

 2. Study: Understand the trends well in advance. Analyze game patterns, predictions, or live results to better understand them.

 3. Manage Budget: Set a budget to play with and don’t pass it by. Avoid overspending and keep the money won safely.

 4. Belief in yourself: Rely on your experience, knowledge and belief. Have faith in your decisions and don’t listen to other people’s tips or suggestions.

 5. Don’t wait to win more: Don’t wait to win and try to make more profit. Focus on small gains and be steady as you play.

 6. Manage withdrawal: If you win something, withdraw it and keep your winnings. Don’t get greedy and stop your loss.

 7. Choose the right time to play: Choose the right time to play. Study past results about games to understand trends and patterns.

TC Lottery APK

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Refer And Earn:

1. log in to your TC Lottery App.

 2. Go to the main menu and find the option Refer and Earn.

 3. You will be given an updated and updated referral code which you can share with your friends and family members.

 4. Tell your friends about the app and share this CIK91441823 referral code.

 5. When your friends or family members register in the app using this referral code, you and them will get rewarded.

 6. Once the rewards have been credited, you can withdraw them from your account or use them to play.

How To Withdraw Your Winning Amount In TC Lottery Apk:

1. Open the app and log in to your registered account.

 2. Go to the main menu and find the option Withdraw.

 3. View your deposit options by going to the Deposit section.  

 4. Select your preferred deposit option and follow the specified instructions.

 5. Enter the deposit amount that you want to withdraw.

 6. Verify all the details and click on the Withdrawal button.

 7. Your Withdrawal request will be submitted successfully.


TC Lottery Color Prediction Game is an online game in which you can win money by making correct predictions on a given colour. In this game, you have to use your intelligence, strategy, and accurate knowledge to predict the correct colour.

There are certain tips and tricks that are important to keep in mind in this game, such as being cautious, controlling the budget, studying materials and data, and handling the money you win. Also, patience and ease play an important role.


Play All of these games in TC Lottery App At your Own Risk And Money. We Are Not responsible for your any Finacial Loses.

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